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Desk Booking

Setting a desk booking window

With Team Today you can introduce a desk booking policy to manage how far in advance users can book desks.

How it works

If you have a floor plan enabled for desk booking then you can limit how far in advance individuals can book desks. For example, you may decide that individuals are only allowed to book desks 2 weeks in advance. This prevents an individual repeatedly block booking a hot desk for a year.

  • The desk booking window only affects users with standard permissions.
  • Team Admins, Office Admins and Company Admins can all still book anytime and can also still book for others anytime. FInd out more about permissions here.
  • Desk booking windows can be configured for each individual office in your account.

Adding a desk booking window

  1. In Team Today go to settings (management) > Desk booking
  2. Tap "Edit Office" on the office you want to add a desk booking window to.
  3. At the top enable "Desk booking window"
  4. Enter a maximum lead time to book ahead.
  5. Please remember this setting only affects individuals with standard permissions.
  6. To test, simply ask a standard user to attempt to book a desk more than the required weeks ahead. A pop will appear informing them of the desk booking policy.

Useful information

Adding a floor plan enables users to see who they will be sat next to when booking into an office. It's great to quickly identify where people are located. To add a floor plan simply email with your requirements.

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Robin Gibson
Co Founder