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Desk Booking

Booking a workspace

Workspaces are useful for when you don't need to know who is sat at which exact desk. It's a way to quickly book into an area.

You can book into a workspace either by setting whereabouts or on the floor plan

How it works

There are a few advantages to using area booking as opposed to desk booking for an office (You can mix and match of course).

  • You can favourite an area, meaning it's really quick to book when setting Whereabouts
  • Its very quick to alter capacity of an office in the desk booking settings by simply increasing or decreasing the number of spaces available rather than turning individual desks on and off

Booking a workspace from whereabouts

To book a desk from Whereabouts simply:

  1. Tap "Set my Whereabouts"
  2. On the "In the office" button tap "Change"
  3. If you have multiple offices, choose an office
  4. If you have multiple floors, choose a floor
  5. Choose the area you want to book into
  6. For speed you can favourite the area on the confirmation screen meaning it's really quick to select next time

Booking a workspace will automatically update the office view and the floor plan view.

Advanced office management: Adding a floor plan

Adding a floor plan enables users to see who they will be sat next to when booking into an office. It's great to quickly identify where people are located.

Users can zoom into the floor plan, book desks or areas and switch between floors and offices.

Floor plans are currently handled by Team Today and are part of the paid subscription. Send us a floor plan and we'll make it interactive for free.

You can request their set up by emailing

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Robin Gibson
Co Founder