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Keep track of desk booking, office space and parking

Desk booking and Whereabouts in Team Today lets your team know when to come into the office, what seats are available and who else will be in. You can even book a parking spot.

Free forever for teams up to 10
No credit card required
Free forever for teams up to 10
No credit card required

Trusted and loved by companies worldwide.

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Book desks via an interactive floor plan

Add an interactive floor plan for free to Team Today and choose where you want to sit.

Add floor plans to some offices and not others Team Today customisation options mean you can set it up for the way your business operates. All included in the price.

Set up multiple offices, floors and areas simply

No training required, super simple set up lets you manage your office space effectively. From small companies with a single space to enterprise companies with multiple offices, Team Today has you covered.

Give teams visibility of when to come into the office or work from home

Keep a track on how many are in the office and find out before you head in if there is a seat for you!

Book a parking spot at the same time as booking into the office

Team Today doesn't over complicate car parking. Set a number of spaces and team members can book a parking spot at the same time as booking a space in the office. Office managers can easily see a register of who has booked a parking spot for each day.


Now integrated into the Microsoft Teams app

Get day to day whereabouts of your team without leaving Microsoft Teams. Team Today’s simple interface lets everyone know where everyone is working each week

Set up areas for teams or allocate hot desks

With Team Today you can create breakout spaces for individuals to book into or create individual bookable desks. The choice is yours

Simple office view and useful insights

Get a simple list of who is in the office and on what day. Understand if your office is covered with fire wardens or first aiders.

Reports on desk utilisation lets you optimise your spaces

Maybe an area is under or over utilised. With Team Today's reports you can quickly see whether you need that extra office space or not with precision.


Using Office 365 login enables companies to utilise 2-factor authentication.

At Team Today we have stringent development practices in place. With some our current customers being banks, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands.

If you'd like more information then simply contact us at to request our security white paper.

Integrates with your tools

Update once and update everywhere.

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Team Today has been incredibly easy to roll out to our workforce.

It integrates seamlessly with our Microsoft 365 logins so there are no additional passwords to remember and new users are added in seconds.  

Now everyone is able to update their location with ease, and all our employees can instantly see where their colleagues are... for our business, Team Today has been a real game-changer.

Tim Cunnell
IT Manager - EPR

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