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Desk Booking

Setting up an office

So your team know when to come into the office and if there are seats available.

You can create multiple offices in Team Today

How it works

There are three levels of hot-desking solutions within Team Today. This means it can scale from small companies of ten to enterprise customers in the thousands.

Company admins create an office in settings. They then decide how to set the office up for desk booking.

Offices are fully customisable

Keeping it simple: Adding office capacity

Adding a number of desks available is often sufficient for smaller companies with small offices. It means users can see how many desks are available to the entire company and simply take one when booking into the office.

  1. In Team Today go to settings (management) > Desk booking
  2. Tap "Create Office" at the bottom of the page
  3. Enter a name for the office and postal address
  4. Enter an office capacity or maximum occupancy for the office

Now users will see a number at the top of whereabouts which will display how many desks are available in the office. If there are no spaces left in the office users won't be able to book in on that day.

Splitting an office into floors, areas and desks

Customising the office:
Splitting an office in to floors, areas and desks

Splitting an office up into separate floors with areas and desks is useful for larger companies who have a variety of spaces available to book into.

Users can customise the names of the floors, areas and desks and create as many as they like.

  1. In Team Today go to settings (management) > Desk booking
  2. Tap "Add a new floor, area or bank of desks" at the bottom of the page
  3. Enter a name for the floor
  4. Tap "add individual desks" or "add bookable area"

The floor plan feature is interactive and shows where people plan to sit

Advanced office management:
Adding a floor plan

Adding a floor plan enables users to see who they will be sat next to when booking into an office. It's great to quickly identify where people are located.

Users can zoom into the floor plan, book desks or areas and switch between floors and offices.

Floor plans are currently handled by Team Today and are part of the paid subscription. Send us a floor plan and we'll make it interactive for free.

You can request their set up by emailing

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Robin Gibson
Co Founder