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Desk Booking

Using the floor plan

A visual way to see who is booked into the office on a given day and where they are sat

The floor plan adds a visual way to book desks and workspace

How it works

Provide a floor plan to Team Today and we'll convert it to an interactive floor map for free meaning you can see who is booked where and when.

This can be a simple sketch, excel mock up or a fully fledged schematic, we'll convert it for free.

With the floor plan you can:

  • Book a desk or workspace on any given day AM/PM or full day
  • Zoom in and out of the map
  • See where others are sat and when they are booked in
  • Have multiple offices, with multiple floors and floor plans

Booking a desk on someone else's behalf

As a company admin you can book desks or workspace's on someone else's behalf but not via the floor plan as this will only book you a desk under your name.

Instead to book a desk for someone else

  1. In Team Today go to Team view, company view or search for a user at the top
  2. Tap the day you want to book them into the office
  3. Tap "Change" on the office button
  4. Choose the office booking into, then the floor and then either the desk or workspace
  5. They will now be booked in to the office on both the floor plan and office view

Disabling desks/workspaces and renaming desks

You can turn desks or workspaces on and off in settings under "Office management."

These will then be disabled on the floor plan and in Whereabouts, meaning users can't book into that space.

It doesn't remove existing bookings in that space so you may need to communicate this change to your colleagues.

You can instantly rename desks / workspaces as well and these will be reflected throughout Team Today. We recommend keeping the naming convention short.

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Robin Gibson
Co Founder