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Adding company wide or office holidays

Company holidays or office will holidays will prevent users making any bookings on the chosen day.

Why use company holidays

Company holidays allow office managers and HR managers to prevent users booking into the office or setting whereabouts on a given day. They are a brilliant tool to communicate and give individuals a clear diary of when they are not expected to be working.

Getting set up

Depending on how you plan to use Team Today there may be a few things you'd like to set up first.

  • If you have multiple offices, it would make sense to add them first (Set up an office)
  • Assign individuals to offices (You can configure this via Azure or manually on the manage users page in settings)

How to add a company holiday

Adding company holidays couldn't be easier

  1. Go to settings (management within the MS Teams app)
  2. Go to holiday settings
  3. Select company holidays
  4. Add a company holiday on the right hand side
  5. Enter a name for the holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or Diwali
  6. Choose a date for the holiday
  7. Select which office the holiday should apply to (you will need to have created your offices already which you can read about here)
  8. Tap Add company holiday to save

The holiday will now appear on the left hand side of the screen and be visible on the calendar.

How this works for users

  • Users will see a whereabout marked with a Flag in Team View. They will be unable to make a booking on this day.

Important notes

  • Please allow a 24-hours for updates to reflect changes in company holidays across Team Today.
  • Updates to company holidays will apply to new employees and individuals relocating offices after the initial 24-hour period.
  • To guarantee accurate information, it is essential to assign users to the appropriate offices through the "Manage Users" page in settings.
Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design