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Syncing whereabouts to your work calendar

If you created your Team Today account with Office 365 or Google then Team Today automatically syncs your whereabouts to your calendar

Team Today will automatically update your Outlook or Google calendar

Desk bookings

A really handy feature of the sync functionality is that you can see your bookings in your calendar for desks (if you have enabled desk booking)

Changing settings

You edit your personal preferences in the user settings to enable or disable this feature. We recommend keeping it on as this gives the best Team Today experience and means that Team mates can view your work calendar to know your location.

Trouble shooting

Team Today isn't syncing to my calendar

If your events that you create in Team Today aren't syncing to your calendar then please check the following:

  • Ensure you created a Team Today account using Office 365 or Google. Any accounts created without this are unable to sync to work calendars.
  • Go to settings in Team Today and ensure that you have "Add events to your work calendar" enabled

How to fix

Fix calendar sync between Team Today and Outlook

Fix calendar sync between Team Today and Google

If you are still having issues please contact

Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design