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Invited user unable to log in

Users must click on an email invite to join your company in Team Today unless you have domain linking on (which lets users who share your email address join automatically)

Error message when a user is unable to login

Common reasons why you can't log in

  • Check the user clicked an email invite from Team Today first:
    When users are added to Team Today they receive an email invite. Users need to click the link in the email to join your company in Team Today. If they didn't receive an email invite check that, it hasn't gone into the Spam folder or is being blocked by your IT Spam filter.

    If you are still having issues contact, we do offer a free onboarding service to get all team members added.
  • Using the wrong login:
    Ensure they are using the login method they signed up with either Office 365, Google or a manual account creation
Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design