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Can't login to teams app

If you are having issues logging into the Microsoft Teams app there are some tips below to try. If you are still unable to login after following these contact

The pop out menu is in the top right, logging in via this can quickly resolve log in issues

Issue with logging in on the desktop Team Today app

We very have occasional reports from our users that they cannot log into Team Today with Microsoft Teams.

This happens very infrequently, and ONLY on the Teams desktop app

In most instances you can resolve by:

  1. Navigate to the Team Today App within MS Teams
  2. Click Pop out tab (top right corner of Teams, icon with the diagonal arrow)
  3. Login as normal via the Pop out tab
  4. Navigate back to the regular tab and click Reload Tab (top right corner with circular arrow)
  5. You should be logged in now

Other potential solutions

  • Sign out of go to and sign out in the top right. Then log out of teams and resign back in.
  • Restart your machine: Restarting your machine can sometimes help resolve issues with logging in
  • Ensure your email address matches your primary Microsoft email address: Ask an IT admin to check that your Office email matches exactly the email that was added to
  • Switch tabs in Teams: Try alternating between a couple of tabs within MS teams i.e chat, calendar etc before returning to the Team Today tab
  • Check you can log in on the website: Try going to the website and try logging in. If you can log in successfully then the issue is likely with the Teams authentication process. Email and we'll look further into it.
Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design