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Creating Workgroups

Individuals can exist in multiple Workgroups meaning they are a great way to make smaller subsets of teams.

Examples of using a Workgroup

A company may have a "Marketing team or department" made up of 30 team members.

Within the "Marketing Team" are smaller teams or Workgroups such as Social, SEO, Acquisition, Content and Website.

By creating Workgroups you can account for these smaller subsets and make Team Today more relevant for those users. Instead of seeing all 30 team members, the Social team could see just their members. This doesnt prevent them seeing the wider teams but instead allows them to follow the Workgroups and Teams relevant to them.

How to create a Workgroup

  1. Go to "Company View"
  2. On the right hand side tap "Create Workgroup"
  3. Enter the name of the Workgroup and tap "Save"

How to add members to a Workgroup from Company View

  1. Tap the newly created Workgroup in "Company View"
  2. Tap "Add Members"
  3. Search for the user you wish to add in the panel that pops up
  4. Tick the checkbox next to their name to add them to the group
  5. You can keep searching and adding users this way.

How to add members to a Workgroup from Manage users in Settings

  1. Go to Settings / Management in the top navigation
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the users names
  3. Tap "Assign to Workgroup" on the right handside
  4. Choose the workgroup you wish to assign the users to and tap "Save"

Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design