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Managing users with no team

There are a few instances where a user in Team Today might not have a team. In this instance you can easily assign a user to a new team.

You can another team easily and quickly in the company view

Reasons why a user might not have a team

  • A team may have been deleted that a user might have been a member of
  • You have domain registration turned on. This means any new users who are part of your company can sign up but won't be assigned a team. You can turn this setting on/off in company settings.

Finding an editing users with no team

  1. Go to settings > Manage Teams
  2. If there are any users unassigned to a team a message will be displayed at the top saying "Users with no team"
  3. Tap "Assign users to a team"
  4. You will see a list of users with no team, simply use the dropdown next to their name to assign them to on.
Assigning users to a new team is simple
Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design