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Setting up Meeting Rooms

Pull all your meeting rooms together in one simple view and make room booking simple.

How it works

Users can book meeting rooms via Team Today or via Outlook as they normally would. The benefit of having meeting rooms in Team Today is that you can easily filter and find a room in any office that matches your requirements e.g must have a TV, 6 person capacity. For the best experience sync your meeting rooms to Outlook.

Setting up

We recommend an IT admin does this for the first meeting room as they can enable the Outlook permissions to sync the meeting room.

  1. Login at Team Today (either the MS Teams app or the website)
  2. Go to settings / management
  3. Go to Meeting Rooms
  4. Add a Meeting Room
  5. Configure the meeting room to match your requirements.
  6. If you wish to link the meeting room to an existing meeting room in Outlook, then you will need an IT admin to accept the Team Today calendar permissions.
  7. Tap the set up permissions button.
  8. Accept the permission request from Microsoft
  9. Enter the meeting room email address in the input box that now appears.
  10. Tap Save Changes

The meeting room should now be configured and viewable from the Team View (on the right hand side). If you have enabled permissions then meetings from Outlook will display in the meeting room view and show the meeting room as busy.

Important note

Creating a meeting room in Team Today doesn't create a meeting room in Outlook. This needs to be set up separately (most companies will have these set up already or simply ask your IT admin to set one up)

Viewing and making a booking

  1. Go to Team View
  2. On the right hand side is a link to meeting rooms, tap this
  3. You will see a room finder view now
  4. Choose the office you wish to view and the day
  5. You can filter offices on the right hand side by features.
  6. Team Today works best when there are multiple meeting rooms.
  7. To make a booking simply select a slot and enter the meeting title.

Important note

Bookings made via Team Today will display the meeting title in Team Today.

Bookings made in Outlook will simply show the meeting room as busy (meeting title isn't displayed)

Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design