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Adding parking to your Team Today account

Use car parking to keep track of available spaces and ensure your team can easily commute to the office.

How it works

The car parking feature within Team Today is a simple but effective solution. Set a number of spaces and team members can book a parking spot at the same time as booking a space in the office. Office managers can easily see a register of who has booked a parking spot for each day within the Office view.

To turn on car parking simply edit and office and turn it on.

How to turn on car parking

  1. In Team Today go to settings (management) > Offices, Desk booking and car parking
  2. Tap "Edit Office" on the office you would like to add car parking to.
  3. Tap "Enable Car Parking"
  4. Enter a number of spaces available for car parking.

Now when users are setting whereabouts in the Team View they will have the option to reserve a parking space.

Viewing a list of parking reservations

To view a list of who has reserved a parking spot:

  1. Go to Company view
  2. Tap Office View
  3. Choose your day and then select car parking on the left.
  4. Managers can download an Excel report on the right within the Office view

Robin Gibson
Co-Founder and Director of Design