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Meeting room bookings in Team Today

t’s been an exciting time at Team Today HQ as we’ve been working away behind the scenes on a shiny, new feature. We always love launching new features, but this is a big one. So, without further ado, let us welcome our newest addition – Meeting Room Booking/Finder.

You can now book your meeting space in Team Today at the same time as you book your meeting, and it all fits together with our other features, like parts of a jigsaw. Our new feature allows you to add meeting spaces, filter them, book them, view them on the floor planner, and view them on the work planner; it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.  

Let’s take a closer look.

Setting Up

To get started, you need the meeting rooms to be added to your Company View. Your Company Admin can do this, under the Management tab. They simply add the meeting room name, allocate the office and floor, set the maximum number of people it can hold, and select the features the room has, i.e. TV, whiteboard, charging points.  

Within the Management settings, your Company Admin can create and also edit meeting spaces, and if necessary, remove them.

It’s Meeting Time

So, you’ve got your lovely, gleaming new meeting spaces ready to book. What next?

You will find your meeting spaces in Team View to the right of the page. Here you can select your space based on location only, or filter it by maximum people it can hold, or by features it offers. This enables you to meet your requirements at the booking stage, leaving no need for last-minute chasing of AV equipment or panicking that there isn’t enough capacity.

And if you have Floor Plans in your Team Today, you can see at a glance what the space looks like before you book it. A bit like Google Maps for meeting spaces. Maybe you could even quietly decide where you will sit so you can get to the coffee quicker when it’s time for a comfort break.

You can also book meeting rooms via Outlook, though one thing to be aware of is that creating a room in Team Today doesn’t automatically create it in Outlook; this needs to be done separately. And when you’ve made your booking, it will show in Team Today as its meeting title, or in Outlook as ‘busy.’

Efficient Booking System

Meeting Room Booking/Finder makes hybrid work simple as it combines desk booking with meeting room booking, and it syncs with your work planner and team view. It is an incredibly useful feature as it brings together all the meeting rooms for multiple offices, presented in one easily filtered view, and provides a straightforward, simple way to book them. This can be particularly helpful if you’re a multi-office business and you want to avoid your teams having to travel to offices and finding no meeting space available when they get there.  Using this feature means no wasted trips.

It also ties together a lot of the convenience factors of Team Today and our focus on hybrid working; desk booking, whereabouts, and now managing meeting rooms in one simply MT Teams app. And it puts you in control of meeting room bookings, rather than having to rely on specific colleagues to do it for you, therefore giving you a more efficient booking system.

As with all our features in Team Today, we are here to support you to get the best experience. We’ve put together a handy ‘how to’ guide to help you on your way and you can also view more support guides on our website

So, you can now go forth with easy meeting room booking, and those days of finding yourselves in dusty old meeting spaces with broken chairs, cobwebs in the corners of the windows, and a TV on wheels can be but a distant memory.

For more insights and articles about hybrid working from Team Today, visit our blog here.

Madeleine Thompson

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