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Meeting rooms linked to Outlook

We have released an improvement to meeting rooms which means they can now be synced to Outlook. You can configure meeting rooms easily in the settings area. An IT admin will need to enable permissions, see our guides for support.



Assign Teams and Workgroups to offices

You can now assign Teams and Workgroups to offices. This makes managing larger organisations much easier.

Simply go to Company view and select the checkbox for each team or Workgroup and link them to an office using the buttons on the right hand side. Now when you follow Teams or Workgroups in Team View they will be organised by offices.



Desk editor function

You can now assign desks to Teams, Workgroups and Individuals. This means that only those assigned to a desk can book it. This can help organise permanent desks or ensure a team always has access to the right area. You can even assign desks to multiple Teams and Workgroups. You can find out how to do that on our support pages here.



Manage car parking

The car parking function keeps track of how many spaces you have available for parking. Team members can set their preference as to whether they require a parking spot when they book into the office.

The office manager can easily see a list of who has booked a parking space for that particular day. You can find out how to set up on our support pages.

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