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How Team Today Can Help You Manage Hybrid Working

There’s a lot to consider when you’re managing hybrid working. Whether it’s a brand-new approach for you because of the pandemic, or whether you are well-versed in this blended environment, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed with all the things you need to think about and do to make it work effectively.

People, processes, procedures, policies. It’s a lot to manage. But we feel your pain. And that’s why we created Team Today.

We’ve been there. We’re there now, working in the shiny new hybrid world. And we think it’s pretty amazing to be able to do what we do from wherever we are.

We can offer you a simple solution to your planning conundrums, we can kill many birds with one programme (although we love birds so we mean this only figuratively), and we can provide you with a solution that becomes as much as part of your everyday morning routine as making a brew and checking your emails.

We’ve built Team Today upon four pillars. Four features that focus on different parts of managing your hybrid working. So, let us enlighten you about the ways we can help.

Image showing Team Trackers Whereabouts feature


If Team today was a physical shop, Whereabouts would be our flagship store. It’s the core pillar running through what we’re about. Put simply, you need to know where your teams are on any given day, and our Whereabouts feature enables this. It’s simple, but its key.

Team members can input their Whereabouts for every day – whether it’s the office, their home, or on holiday. You can see at a glance where everybody is without having to check individual calendars or search back in your emails. If you’re planning to split your day in two, Team today lets you do that as well.

And because we know hybrid working isn’t just about office versus home, we’ve included a new option for you to add your own Custom Whereabouts. Perfect for your team members who travel around the country visiting different sites and offices.

Image showing Team Trackers Desk Booking feature

Desk Booking

It’s all well and good having the option to work from the office on certain days, but how do you plan this so that you have enough desk space for everyone who is in, and you don’t end up with staff standing by the coffee machine, bag in hand, because they don’t have anywhere to work? And how do you make sure the team members you need to be in the office on certain days are all coordinated?

You use the Desk Booking feature, that’s how. Team today lets you select how many desks are available in the office, and colleagues then book one when they update their Whereabouts. You can add multiple offices and within those, multiple floors, and, like the gift that keeps on giving, we also offer the option to have a Floor Plan created.   Colleagues won’t always wish to sit separately. There will be times when they need to be together at the same table. Perhaps they are working on a project, planning an event, or simply just wanting to be together as a team. You can use Floor Plan to designate desks in this way.  

Image showing Team Trackers Work Planner feature

Work Planner

This pillar allows you to take your use of Team today further and use it to plan your up-and-coming work. No more having to coordinate and merge calendars, no more having to send e-invites for work events; Planner has it covered. You can plot what work is coming up, when, who is involved, and split it into teams too. Think of it as your Company Calendar. Not only can you see who is where and when, you can see how that fits into the work plan overall. Like pieces of a jigsaw, the Whereabouts is your ‘what’, and the Planner is your ‘why’.  

Image showing Team Trackers Holiday Feature


And for our fourth and final pillar, the Holiday Planner. How many times have you found yourself sending holiday dates to colleagues’ calendars at the start of the summer? Or creating an Excel spreadsheet with the team’s holidays all included in different colours?  You can rip those up now. Team Today lets you input holiday so everyone can see straight away when colleagues are away. No fuss, no problem, and no unexpected emails or calls because colleagues didn’t know.  

And that’s not all……

Team today helps with Emergency Planning

You’ll know that running an office and employing staff comes with all sorts of regulatory and health and safety responsibilities. To make it easier for you to coordinate your emergency planning when you have office staff in, we’ve included the option to delegate these responsibilities to team members in Team today, so that it tells you clearly when you’re looking at the office plan, whether you have everything covered. You can delegate First Aiders, Mental Health First Aiders, Fire Wardens, and Key Holders.

It Has Upgrade Features

As well as the core programme, there are options to power-up in different areas, such as work-from-home approvals.

Work from home approvals as an option

And it Fits Right In

Team today is officially verified by Microsoft and Google and integrates fully with Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Outlook Calendar, Google Authentication, and Google Calendar. So, there’s no need to install additional software and it’s all ready for you, to become part of your working world.

Are you ready?

Since we launched Team today, it’s reach has gone worldwide.  We’re now being used in 15 countries by thousands of workers daily and with 300,000 whereabouts set. Have a look at our features in more detail here and do get in touch with any questions to

Madeleine Thompson

Team-Today is now free for up to 2 teams or 10 people. Sign up here, no credit card required.

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